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FAQ: Do you work with children?

I prefer to work with families . . .

That is, where a child has a problem with eyesight I am happy to help, obviously, but it is important that this takes place with the full participation of he parents and at this time I will only work with young children on this understanding.

It is really important for parents to fully understand the process and thinking involved so that they can play a constructive part in the child's development and the best way to achieve this is to learn the method for themselves.

In the case of children under 4, once the child has been assessed, the parents should come for lessons! as they will have the full responsibility for what happens at home.

Beyond this age, there is obviously room for discussion about when exactly a child is ready to be taught on an 'adult' basis, without this direct involvement, but as a rule of thumb, I would say that children under 10 should always be accompanied by parents who will take full part in the lessons, and in the case of children between 10 and 18 time should be allowed for the parents to be throughly briefed.

In respect of any work I may do with young people, it may be worth mentioning that I have worked for many years in public education with young people of all ages and do have a current full enhanced disclosure CRB certificate!