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Check in here for the latest news and events:

More  quite big  news . .   10 Feb 2016

After some years out of print, I have secured the reversion of world wide rights to the text of my book 'The Bates Method'.   This means I will be able to produce an ebook version, organise a print on demand edition - or even resell the rights to another distributor.   Many people over the years have expressed great appreciation for my little effort and it will be nice to make it available again.

My initial thought is to republish the existing text as is, but the rights reversion also removes any possible 'competing publication issues' which puts me in full control should I wish to revise, write new work or whatever.  Happy Day!

2016 teaching dates
Big News!

no   even bigger than that!

After some years of non-stop traveling on other business, I will be staying at home more or less for the foreseeable future.  So I will actually be able to take some new students for the first time in quite a while.    Please form an orderly queue!

seriously though,

If you are interested in learning with me drop me a line and we can discuss dates and times.     And check back here soon as I have new plans in the pipeline.


I look forward to hearing from you!


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