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Links and Downloads

This page is for:

  • links to sites where you can, if you wish, download some of my creations
  • direct ftp downloads if I can work out how to do it
  • links to sites that I have found useful or of interest

      is a fantastic online resource with all of Dr Bates' and close associates' writings presented for online reading or download. A beautifully presented tribute site which is a real labour of love
      oddly named but another nicely presented site with two important books presented in pdf format for online browsing or download and a range of other information and links
      is the official site of the Bates Association with a register of mainly UK teachers and other links.
      is the very excellent site of the Association of Vision Educators with a comprehensive listing of teachers in the US and elsewhere and other information and links.
    • Visions of Joy
      Esther Joy van der Werf teaches in California and the Netherlands. This site gives information on her work with a wide range of courses and many useful links.
    • Esther's Vision Links Page
      A shortcut to Esther's vision teacher links which saves me pasting them all in here!

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