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What happens in a Bates Lesson?

    let's describe a typical first lesson . . think of it like computer project . . .

    • Switch on First we talk: I need to find out what you already know or think about the Method, and about your concerns and reasons for wanting to learn.

    • Boot Up I will then give a quick rundown of what the Method is all about, talk through what we're about to do and make sure that you're entirely comfortable with what's going on.

    • Open a file I usually start a first lesson by carrying out a simple vision assessment to create a 'baseline'

    • Lay out a page We will probably then do some relaxation work, with the eyes closed - this enables us to establish a 'reference state' of what your eyes are like when at rest

    • input some data We would then follow on with simple visual tasks which are designed to stimulate various responses while giving you the opportunity to reflect and develop insight into what you do.

    • process and evaluate reference back to the assessment tasks gives us an opportunity to notice any changes that may occur

    • save where useful changes are noticed, we use specific mental techniques to accept and consolidate them into memory -

    • close down! After the lesson, I usually suggest that you do not try to practise any particular way using the eyes or seeing, but carry out some simple tasks to keep your mind involved with how you see, simply notice anything that occurs to you as different from the usual - this normally gives the best starting point for the next lesson . .

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