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So What is the Bates Method all about?

The Bates Method is a system of Vision Education which aims to improve eyesight and the health of the eyes through changing behaviour. The essence of the Bates Method is that:
  • eyesight is variable
  • eyesight reacts to, and is a reliable indicator of, various kinds of stress
  • it is possible to identify differences in behaviour between those who see normally or abnormally and to 'model' normal visual behaviour, with benefit.
According to Dr Bates, good sight depends on:
  • relaxation of the eyes and mind
  • movement
  • a dynamic connection between centre and periphery of the visual field
The 'Bates Method' consists mainly of procedures for:
  • exploring the difference between normal and abnormal responses
  • bringing about relaxation and movement,
  • and for exploring the relationship of centre and periphery
so as to bring about what Dr Bates described as 'Central Fixation'. a highly desirable condition in which the eyes and mind act together, without effort.

It is not:

  • a system of mechanical exercises
  • intended to 'strengthen' eye muscles
  • targeted at any one specific condition
  • antaganostic or contradictory to science or medicine
It is:

a way of achieving a relaxed, fluent connection to the visual world.

By eliminating strain from the act of seeing, the eyes and mind are allowed to function normally: when this happens most adverse conditions of the eyes and sight improve of their own accord.

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Bates and Alexander

The philosophy of the Bates Method is very closely related to that of the F M Alexander Technique.   The working method is necessarily different: Alexander works on the relationship of back, head, arms and legs so that it is appropriate for the Alexander teacher to give direct physical guidance with the hands.
Obviously in working with the eyes a more indirect approach is needed!    Nonetheless there are many parallels in these approaches and studying Alexander is a very valuable complement to working with the Bates Method.

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