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FAQ: Do I have to stop wearing glasses or contacts?

Actually, no! Unless you are really more comfortable without, it may well be best to continue using vision aids, at least in the early stages.

This is possibly a slightly controversial point, nonetheless it is my position that anyone who has worn glasses for an appreciable period, wil probably get on just as welll or better in the early stages by continuing to use glasses where the need is felt.

It is perfectly true that lenses do encourage us to 'maintain the pattern': it is also true that increasing strain and anxiety is not a good way to relax!

Take some time to learn how to release tension from the eyes - this may take more than one lesson, by the way - and then see how the eyes begin to respond to a changed situation.       Simply throwing the glases away while the eyes are still 'locked' is rarely helpful and in some cases that I can recall has definitely been disastrous.

It is always very tempting for a beginner to want to make a grand gesture of 'commitment' - the psychology of this is understandable but misguided.       I don't think that throwing oneself into the River Thames is necessarily the best way to learn to swim and in working with the eyesight a little patience in learning the strokes before throwing away the armbands may prove quicker and safer!

And, you see, there's another excuse gone! 'Oh, I'd love to improve my sight but I couldn't manage without my glasses' won't wash, because you only leave your glasses off to the extent that you can manage!